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Cute organic bibs for your twins

Whether it’s a little Caliente or a little Picante, one is hot and the other is spicy but it looks good on your baby. Well, what is this all about? It’s the new Belly designed Hot Pepper Baby Bib! The design is intended for both boys and girls who are twins so it comes in pairs. The bib’s is made…

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The Lucy China Doll dress with panty

Adults love to dress up their babies with cute clothes and shoes. It’s now time to go oriental with this dress and panty pair. The Lucy China Doll dress has a feather-soft material that is sweater-knit that’s baby skin-friendly. The blouse is a red-colored kimono style cut with contrasting trims paired with a charming stripe diaper cover/panty that completes the…

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Crocodile Clever Baby Toy to Produce Different Sounds and Music

Help your baby with his/her cognitive development with this Crocodile Clever baby toy. It has fresh colors that can help her with color distinction and identification, key-press features that produce different sounds and music. Through this toy, the baby will be able to associate the colors pressed with the sounds or music that is heard. This will bring not only…

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Use This Swag Bag For Your Baby On The Go!

The Yojiki baby swag bag is padded with a convertible diaper bag, a removable cooler bag and a padded mat for quick diaper change anytime, anywhere. Made from durable and high quality washable fabrics, this baby swag bag is patented Australian Design. If your family loves to travel or go out of town, you can’t bring your baby along without…

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The “Everything” Baby Bag

Modern and active moms need something that they can use to put their babies’ things inside. Old diaper bags are out and there a lot of diaper or baby bags that are out in the market that are fashionable and easy to carry. This is where the Chiara Leather Bag fits in. The baby bag has a bright red color…

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