Kiddo : A Little Gadget for Children to Allow Parents to Stay Connected to Their Wellbeing

Parents, you can monitor your children wellbeing in real time, anytime, anywhere, with Kiddo. It is a smart wearable device designed specially for children, it has multiple sensors to monitor children health, sleep levels, and activity, it displays all the information through a companion app. It’s important to allow your kids to be just kids, explore their surroundings, learning and…

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BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack Doesn’t Need Batteries or Electricity, Perfect for Traveling

Warm up your baby bottles anytime, anywhere with this award winning BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack. A simple click makes this product warms the bottle without the need of batteries or electricity, thank you to its reusable heating pad, completely safe and non-toxic. The fully insulated carrier fits most baby bottle shape and size, it warms milk for 10-15 minutes…

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