Help Your Babies Toddler Baby Walker


Making babies to toddler while they learn to walk with baby walkers is the main concept of Wonjune Song’ baby walker.



While ordinary baby walkers don’t make your babies to learn toddling, in fact they delay the whole process, while this baby walker is specially designed to make babies to learn to walk and toddle simultaneously which make this product to stand out apart from other baby walkers available on market. The Whole black portion surrounding the seating arrangement in the middle is made out of elastic material which makes it fun for babies to toddle and jump simultaneously.

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9 thoughts on “Help Your Babies Toddler Baby Walker

    1. @DeeDee : yes, it's only a concept, we showcased the design because we believe it's a great baby walker design. Perhaps our readers who are real parents would like to make suggestions or advices to enhance the design.

  1. Do you expect to produce this product at some point in the near future? My granddaughter has a heart condition. During the initial surgery when she was 2 days old, she had a stroke. She will be two this Friday and even with copious amount of therapy, she is still not walking. This product looks promising.

  2. add toys for the babies to play with maybe a rattle or mirror. i would have bought this design i wish it was for sale.

  3. I think they should take it off the internet as there's a lot of people out there wanting this like myself and it's not avalible to buy !!

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