A newly designed traveling cup for babies

The Boon Fluid Sippy Cup has an angled spout that requires less head tipping with the spill-proof spout. It is ergonomically shaped that’s perfect for small hands of babies 9 months and above. You can fill it up with any liquid your baby can drink up to 9 ounces. This plastic drinking cup for babies is non-toxic which means, it…

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Cleaning, Gadgets

Try this wipes warmer to keep wipes soft and moist

Baby’s skin needs a lot of care and so, we should always use soft fabrics and materials that will touch against baby’s skin. Prince Lionheart presents an electronic machine that will keep baby wipes soft and warm enough for use anytime. The Wipes Warmer Premium has an antimicrobial additive to prevent bacteria and microorganisms from developing on the wipes. This…

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Accessories, Toys

An audio visual stimulating booties?

Since newborns can’t really see clearly until about 6 months, it is important for us adults to provide babies with toys that will help in visual development through their toys and accessories. Toys that have extreme contrasts like a combination of red, black and white will definitely get baby’s attention. Also, at the same time exercise the visual muscles, thus…

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Health, Toys

Winkel is a rattle and teether rolled into one

Manhattan Toy has brought something new and original. The Winkel toy is not just a colorful rattle but is also a teether rolled into one. Babies like to shake toys especially when they hear sounds coming out of it. But they also love to put anything they get hold of into their mouth. Winkel is safe to put in the…

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Decor, Toys

A huggable pillow that’s also entertaining

Hug-A-Bug is not just a pillow but also a decorative item that can be added to a child’s room and something that babies and toddlers can play with. The five ladybugs are as soft as a pillow that is detachable. Each has different features and different colors. One lights up, the other vibrates, another squeaks and the last rattles for…

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Lamaze Gives You a New Companion For Baby

Here’s a colorful and developmental toy from Lamaze. Jacques the Peacock will keep your baby entertained for minutes. You can hang this plush toy in your baby’s activity gym, stroller, bouncer or even other Lamaze toys for more activity. It has soft velour body and lots of wings with different textures and crinkles that produce sounds too. It also has…

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A sleeper that will make your baby sound asleep

Here is a small gadget that will help you lull your baby to sleep. The Sound Sleeper has 24 combination of sounds that include 6 constant sounds with 4 intermittent sounds that mix and match. Don’t worry about hearing the sounds too loud or too soft because the Sound Sleeper has volume adjustments and an on/off switch. If in case…

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Cleaning, Health

A changing pad that’s as gentle as mommy’s touch

Changing pads are necessary when traveling with baby. Therefore, a soft and padded changing pad should be used for baby’s sensitive skin. Mommy’s Touch has that kind of pad that is not only soft and padded but is also waterproof and vinyl-free! This changing pad also has a snapping strap after rolling the pad up to close so you can…

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Use Dr. Seuss Waterproof Superbib for baby

Introduce your baby to Dr. Seuss and his famous characters through these colorful waterproof bibs. These bibs are stain and odor resistant that is machine washable to hand dry. It also has catch-all pocket and an adjustable Velcro closure. The materials used for this bib is PVC, BPA, Phthalate and vinyl free and is made in the USA. The Dr.…

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Babies grow fast and the world must know that

All babies grow and we should let everybody know that. So here’s something that your baby can wear to tell the world that he/she has grown. Lazy Baby Grows long-sleeved rompers are made of soft 100% organic brushed cotton from Fairtrade with snap-on buttons for easy dressing. These rompers are ideal outfits for babies during play or even when sleeping…

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Accessories, Gadgets

Meet mom’s new helpful partner

Here is a must for newbie moms. The Berrybridge Baby Rocker will help you put your baby to sleep with music and vibration so you can relax or be able to do other chores at home. This rocker has 5 point harness that will prevent your baby from leaning forward. It can also serve as a chair for feeding. This…

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Fashion, Travel

Check out Lia Michele’s pretty booties!

Lia Michele presents a very creative style of booties for little princesses. The Tiny Dancer booties have inset straps decorated with faux pearls and pink glass beads in teardrop shape. The booties are delicately hand-stitched from 100% mercerized cotton thread. A pink ribbon is used as ankle straps. These cute little booties for little girlie feet are available in colors…

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