Design and Concept, Furniture, Play Sets and Playground Equipment

Fold-a-Fort Children’s Furniture – a Seating Unit, an Expandable Tunnel, and a Fort

Fold-a-Fort looks like an ordinary single sofa, but be hold, this concept children furniture actually reveals many cool features that will encourage your kid’s imagination as they grow. It’s innovative modern furniture designed specially for children, it expands and transforms into various things from chair, tunnel, to fort. It will certainly spark imaginations. You can convert from a seating unit…

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Design and Concept, Toys

Puppy! Project by Jerome Arul

Puppy! Project from Jerome Arul looks really cute. Check out this dog toy that utilizes Arduino and Lady Ada’s Waveshield, it can even wiggle its tail. The infra-red sensor can detect distance, it also seeds a random audio file saved to an SD card. This puppy can playback any selected audio file while wagging its tail, lovely. Unfortunately, this is…

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Design and Concept, Eco Friendly, Toys

Tube Toys by Oscar Diaz

This newly designed Tube Toys are definitely going to save a lot of wasted material since this toy is actually assembled from its packaging itself. It’s an ingenious design isn’t it? The packaging is the product, there won’t be any discarded material after purchase, in this way, it reduces the cost of producing traditional packaging which is going to be…

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Design and Concept, Feeding

BittyLab BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle Has Been Designed to Mimics Mother’s Breast Entirely

First time in the market, BittyLab BARE Air-Free Baby Bottle has been designed to mimic mother’s breast completely, not just the nipple but also shape, texture, and movements. Most breastfeeding moms find it difficult to bottle-feed their infants, especially when they are out for a work. Also, bottle-feeding offers a completely different experience for the new born in comparison to…

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