FIJIT Friends Review : FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy For All Children


Our Fijit Friends review here is trying to offer you a glimpse into the world of Fijit friends. These toys have been selling like hot cakes recently, especially when the holiday is approaching, we’ve noticed how children are super excited when they interact with their new Fijit friends. Designed by Mattel, there are 4 adorable squishy robots, especially for girls between 6 to 10-year-old, however, many boys are excited to play with this toy too.

Each of Fijit friends comes in a nice box which easy to get it out of , just cut the tape on the access points, twist the 3 small knobs that keep Fijit secure inside the box, then pop this soft smiling robot out. At first touch, you’ll notice that the skin is pretty soft and gooey where you can press or stretch while the head and ears are solid plastic. Fijit Friends robot is an interactive robot toy that responds to some voice commands (there’s a list of the commands) in order to do some cool dances or tell jokes. Our guess is that both you and your daughter will laugh together playing this little friend. As soon as Fijit is on, the first words this robot says would be “What do you want to do now?” There are certain commands that you can use in order to make Fijit dance, sleep, or create their own conversation, in fact, they can still respond to your command when they are within 20 feet and in chirp mode.

FIJIT Friends Review

FIJIT Friends Review

Fijit friends can dance to their own music, however, you can also provide the music for longer dance moves as these little robots sense the music beat and move accordingly. Poke Fijit in the belly, you’ll be having fun with its variety responses. Notice its face expression and body movements, they are very entertaining.

FIJIT Friends Review

For the main purpose of Fijit Friends review, we must mention that the minor downside of Fijit is that it doesn’t always respond to the voice command correctly, you need to speak very clearly with strong voice to make it work best. Sometimes, when asked to laugh, they often go to sleep instead. It’s important not to have any noise in the background. Therefore, Fijit friends won’t work well during a children party where every kid might shout commands to get Fijit to respond, which in the end would get everyone frustrated because Fijit wouldn’t respond correctly.

FIJIT Friends Review

After reading our Fijit Friends review, this question might occur in your head, Should I still buy Fijit Friends? Well, yes, but we recommend that your children only have one-on-one play or giving one-on-one command. Although it’s meant for girls, Fijit Friends robot actually entertain all genders, you can easily tell that this robot would entertain not just one but many children with its unique and funny expressions.

Willa – Trend Setting Fijit Friend
Willa is known as the trend-setter among other Fijit friends. She’s fashionable and loves being ahead of the latest trends and fashion. She’s very confident with her look.

Willa FIJIT Friends Review

Serafina – Sweetie-Pie Fijit Friend
Our pink Fijit friend is known as the Sweetie Pie, she has a big heart and loves making other people happy.

Serafina FIJIT Friends Review

Logan – Sporty Fijit Friend
This blue Fijit friend is known for her outdoor activities, she loves sports and gadgets. A true animal lover and always there to support her friends.

Logan FIJIT Friends Review

Sage – Adventurous Fijit Friend
Do you love exploring new things? Well Sage should be your friend as she loves discovering new things too. She’s got a winning attitude, the adventurous Fijit friend.

FIJIT Friends Review

You can choose to buy each Fijit Friends robot along with its accessories pack for each robot. Hopefully our Fijit friends review can give you a little insight what you can expect with this interactive robot toy.


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