BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack Doesn’t Need Batteries or Electricity, Perfect for Traveling


Warm up your baby bottles anytime, anywhere with this award winning BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack. A simple click makes this product warms the bottle without the need of batteries or electricity, thank you to its reusable heating pad, completely safe and non-toxic. The fully insulated carrier fits most baby bottle shape and size, it warms milk for 10-15 minutes (only if the bottle is already at room temperature) to a safe drinking temperature, thus making it perfect to carry during traveling for airplane use. You can also purchase additional warming pads when needed.

If you take the baby bottle out from the fridge, you probably need to wait for 20-30 minutes to make it warm enough. Personally, we prefer to use BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack instead of boiling water, it is more efficient and safe. [Click here to get more details about BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack]

BambinOz Travel Bottle Warmer Pack


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