Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD600) Features Superb High Resolution Image and Sound Quality


Both sound and image are amazing, we’ve heard this kind of comment a lot when it comes to Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD600). It’s a reliable device to keep track your baby when you have to stay away from the nursery, this model is among most wanted brands in the market, so stay tuned as we bring details information that you need to make the best decision.

This unit features wonderful sound quality as well as superb high resolution image, thanks to its high-resolution digital-quality color screen. It provides you with pretty generous operating range, up to 500-feet, we believe it’s enough to keep on seeing and hearing your baby when you are in other room in your house. The infrared night vision feature comes really handy to keep on monitoring your baby even in the dark or low light vision.

The main features of Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD600):
– Wide range up to 500ft
– 2.4-inch color video screen with hi-resolution images
– Auto screen activation when there’s noise detected in baby’s room
– The parent unit is portable with belt clip accessories for great freedom around the house
– The monitor unit also plays soothing lullabies to comfort your baby to sleep

Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

Now, let’s break down the specifications for in-depth review:

2.4” High-Resolution Color Video Screen
2.4” screen is wide enough that you can check out your baby at a glance whether you’re in the kitchen or your home office. Keeping an eye on your baby wouldn’t be an issue, you can control the ball-style camera up, down, left, right to get the best shot of your baby. The signal from the camera wirelessly sends great high-resolution video to your portable parent unit.

Adjustable Signal Noise Level
The digital video monitor is able to detect noise in your nursery room, once a noise is detected, the parent’s unit will automatically activate and there are lights to indicate the level of noise.

Infrared Night Vision
Night vision is a standard feature that all video baby monitor should have, because all parents want to monitor their baby non-stop day and night. With this feature, you would be able to monitor your baby even in the dark, simply adjust the brightness control.

Auto Channel Selection with 100% Private Connection
Philips AVENT SCD600 operates on a frequency of 2.4 gigahertz, it searches the most secure connection with least interference so you can be sure that your connection is 100% private, only you can hear and see your baby.

Extra features: lullabies and nightlight
These are great additional features to soothe your baby to sleep. Select one of 3 available lullabies and turn the warm soft light, your baby will go to sleep in no time.

Once you get your hands on this unit, you’ll get digital video monitor (camera and parent unit), the belt clip, user manual, and starter guide. CLICK HERE to checkout what you’ll get inside the box.

The Negative Reviews

Since this video baby monitor emits signal, there’s possibility that you will experience poor reception if you live in high rise condo where all interior walls are solid concrete. If other camera has the ability to link more than one camera to the same parent unit, this model can’t, so we can say this system is not expandable. It doesn’t offer 2-way communication feature.

The Positive Reviews

The signal is pretty great, it won’t interfere with your WiFi networks or cell phones, except that you live in a building with solid concrete walls like we mentioned above. That’s why some people can experience interference but some don’t. A good range is also great feature that most people looking for, especially the freedom moving from one room to another while still be able to monitor the baby.

Should you get Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD600)?

We have a mixed feeling about this, this is because the non 2-way communication feature, but then again the price for this device is much less expensive. It can be an excellent video baby monitor for your budget, clear video and wide range signal, but then again, if you didn’t try, you’d never know.

CLICK HERE to checkout Philips AVENT Digital Video Baby Monitor (SCD600), you’ll be able to read other customer reviews to make well informed buying decision.


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