20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011 Under $50


Christmas is almost here again, time to hunt some newest and coolest toys to create big and bright smiles on your children faces when they open their Christmas presents. This year, it seems that the coolest toys are the ones under $50, very affordable isn’t it?

Here’ our list of 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011:

1. Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey
Let your children rock and roll with Mickey the rock star. Completed with a guitar and sunglasses, it looks like Mickey is ready to play some cool rock music for your children, in fact, you can ask Mickey to tune his guitar by squeezing his nose. Mickey will ask your children to dance like a true rock star, in fact, who knows, Mickey and your baby might start a rock band together. [Fisher-Price Disney’s Rock Star Mickey Order Info]

Fisher-Price Disney's Rock Star Mickey - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

2. Nerf Vortex Nitron
Don’t worry, we don’t forget about Nerf products where boys are crazy about it. This time, we place Nerf Vortex Nitron on our list because this gun features an electronic scope for easy targeting while the unique acceleration trigger on the blaster will provide better distance blasting. For optimum firepower, this gun comes with a 40 rounds of ammunition, therefore it provides longer time to play and less loading time. If your boy is a fan of Nerf products, than this should be a great gift for him. [Nerf Vortex Nitron Order Info]

Nerf Vortext Nitron - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

3. VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet
Take the learning process of your children to the next level with VTech InnoTab Learning Tablet. It is one of today’ most popular technologies based on the design of your favorite touchpad devices. It looks like your kids play games all the time, but don’t get fooled by the games, this multimedia tablet actually combines interactive games with reading and learning, a very cool educational toy. The 5-inch color touch screen enables children ages 4 to 9 to touch, tilt and flick. This gadget can be connected to PC or Mac. [VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet Order Info]

VTech InnoTab Learning App Tablet - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

4. LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple
If your children are obsessed with Ninjago than this is the perfect addition to their collection. Lego Ninjago Fire Temple (2507) brings the thrill of battle for control of 4 Spinjitzu weapons. Let your children help Sensei Wu, Kai, Zane and Nya to fight Lord Garmadon and his scary skeleton army and protect the ultimate Spinjitzu weapon, the Dragon Sword of Fire. The temple can be split into two to release Fire Dragon that spits fire at Lord Garmadon. Imagine how trilling the battle would be, at the same time, this toy helps children to increase their motor and logic skills. [LEGO Ninjago Fire Temple Order Info]

Lego Ninjago Fire Temple - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

5. Sesame Street Let’ Rock Elmo
How about having a new member to your children existing rock band? Say hello to Sesame Street Let’ Rock Elmo. This guy is a big hit with little ones everywhere, that’s why we definitely should put this into our 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011 list. Elmo is really smart, he comes with his own microphone and 2 musical instruments, a tambourine and a drum set. You can also purchase additional Let’ Rock instruments (guitar, keyboard, or microphone) and when your children choose which music instrument he plays and he will automatically recognize which one is given to him. Cool huh? So let’ rock and join Elmo’ band. [Sesame Street Let’ Rock Elmo Order Info]

Sesame Street Let' Rock Elmo - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

6. Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set
A complete Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set for your kid to start battling with his friends. The betstadium arena can be customized for intense battles: Zip Core, Chaos Core and Deflector Core, ready for dueling practice as soon as you have set everything up. We recommend you to try the Deflector Core as it brings craziness in the game, it affects right-spin and left-spin tops differently. Use the official rule book and tournament grid to start the war. [Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set Order Info]

Beyblade Metal Masters Triple Battle Set - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

7. FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy
Fijit Friends could be your little girl’ new best friend as she poke and squeeze Fijit soft and tactile skin all day long, because it provides lifelike movements and fun surprises. In fact, each of Fijit Friends has been designed with over 150 built-in responses, it can dance around with its beat detection, for different type of music, Fijit has different dance moves. This interactive toy is smart and funny, she also comes with her original songs just for your little girl. Don’t be surprised when you see your child is having a great chat with her new friend. Check out our Fijit Friends review for better explanation. [FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy Order Info]

FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

8. Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck
Trucks from Matchbox are always interesting to us. This holiday Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck will entertain your children with its interactive talks, jokes, exercises, and sings. Smokey is a cute working fire truck completed with movable hoses that spray water mist and expandable ladders, very cool. It feels like your children have their own fire truck. This robot fire truck will teach your children to put out a fire together during play. [Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck Order Info]

Matchbox Smokey The Fire Truck - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

9. Transformers : Dark of the Moon – Ultimate Optimus Prime
The magnificent Optimus Prime has arrived! This cool figure features blasting battle sounds, with its glowing weapon lights and launching missile sound, we’re pretty sure the enemies will move away. Based on Transformers – Dark of The Moon movie, it can be said as one of the best movie-adapted Transformers toy in the market. Your boys will go crazy over it, especially if he’ a fan of Transfomers. He can convert Optimus trailer into Omega Combat Armor place the Optimus Prime figure in it. [Ultimate Optimus Prime Order Info]

Transformers : Dark of the Moon – Ultimate Optimus Prime - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

10. Barbie Holliday Collection 2011
As one of timeless dolls, Mattel has brought Barbie Holiday Collection 2011 for little Barbie aficionados. It would be a perfect addition for the rest Barbie holiday collection and this time, Barbie wears a beautiful emerald green gown with golden embroidery. She looks beautiful with her gold chandelier earrings ready to celebrate the holiday season. Although it’ actually for adult collector, this doll is also suitable for children ages six and up, therefore we put it in our 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011 list. [Barbie Holliday Collection 2011 Order Info]

Barbie Holliday Collection 2011 - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

11. Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure
Spark your child imagination with Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure. The mission would be to save the diver from jaws attack, let the children run their imagination free, preparing the Mega Rig crew and launch the shark ship fast. This toy features part of building system where children can combine and connect different pieces to build over 30 vehicle combinations. One cool thing we have to mention here is that the boat has wheels yet it floats on water, thus, allowing your children to play it on land or in water. [Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure Order Info]

Matchbox Mega Rig Shark Adventure - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

12. Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set creates a great action all over your children bedroom walls. This starter set offers unique new terrains and velocities that you won’t have when you use the usual tracks. Watch as the car speeds through the air. Each set comes with one hot wheels car, 3M Command Strips and easy instruction poster. [Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set Order Info]

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

13. Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset
Even if your children not “into” Lalaloopsy, this treehouse is still a wonderful toy to play with. Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset lets your children to have great adventure and hangout with other Lalalopsy friends with this Mini Treehouse. Take a look at the cute elevator in tree trunk, adorable 2 hammocks for doll and pet, also don’t forget to check out the bridge. You’ll be surprised how your kids will use this toy in very imaginative ways. [Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset Order Info]

Mini Lalaloopsy Treehouse Playset - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

14. Angry Birds : Knock on Wood Games
If you haven’t heard about Angry Birds, you probably don’t have mobile phone. You see this toy on our 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011 list because it is based on the best selling phone app game, this time, you can get real angry birds for your children to play with in real life. Feel free to build, launch, and destroy the egg-stealing pigs. Kids can build castles and knock them down, create a simple rule for them, anyone who hits the first 100 points wins the game. [Angry Birds Knock on Wood Games Order Info]

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Games - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

15. LEGO Ultimate Building Set
Looking for the first LEGO toy for your children? Well, we recommend you to buy LEGO Ultimate Building Set as it features 405 pieces in a durable plastic box. This is the perfect LEGO set to let your children increase their creativity, imagination, and engineering skills. Although this unit comes with instructions, it might be pretty challenging for children to follow, therefore, it’ your job to assist them. [LEGO Ultimate Building Set Order Info]

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

16. Singing Machine – Portable Karaoke Machine
Create karaoke party atmosphere in any room with this magic singing machine. The built-in disco light system will surely enhance your children karaoke time. This machine features vertical loading CD compartment, auto voice control such as balance and echo controls, also there are 2 microphone jacks available for duets. The handle design will make it easy to carry, even for small hands. It can be considered as an educational toy, why? Well just hook it up to your TV, when the lyrics are on the screen, your children would try to read it. [Singing Machine – Portable Karaoke Machine Order Info]

Singing Machine SML-383 Portable Karaoke Machine - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

17. Monster High Dolls
These guys have become of one popular characters nowadays, they are based on popular books and TV series. You can buy each doll individually or get them all at once for a complete Christmas present for your girl. Although each doll is actually a descendant from scary monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Zombie and werewolf, your daughter would have a lot of fun playing with these dolls. [Monster High Dolls Order Info]

Monster High Dolls - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

18. Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site
This is a fun and interactive way to haul rocks and teach your kid about a construction site. Fisher-Price big action construction site toy features remote control technology that can be used to pick up rocks from the auto-boulder dump, drive them onto the EZ Guide Ramps and then use the auto elevator to do it all over again. You might wonder if that’ the only thing it does, your children might get bored really soon. Well, don’t worry about that, this toy comes with many different accessories that will keep your child entertained for hours with this action-packed construction toy. [Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site Order Info]

Fisher-Price Big Action Construction Site - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

19. Spy Net: Video Watch 2.0
Spy kids need high-tech gadgets to help them complete their assignment, why don’t you give your little spy agent Video Watch 2.0 as it is the ultimate spy tool. This gadget can capture up to 20 minutes of video or more than 2,000 photos even during the night as it is equipped with night vision. In this version, the watch is updated with all new spy apps and games, just connect to SpyNetHQ.com to receive the instructions of the next mission from HQ. Your kids will be thrilled and try to get as many medals and badges as they can to become the top Spy Net agent. [Spy Net – Video Watch 2.0 Order Info]

Spy Net: Video Watch 2.0 - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

20. Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Go Disney Pixar Cars 2
Get ready to race with some favorite characters from CARS 2, of course we’ve got Lightning McQueen and Francesco here. They are ready to race you to the finish line. We’re pretty sure your kids will love to shake them up and hear each character speak some cool phrases from the movie. [Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Go Disney Pixar Cars 2 Order Info]

Fisher-Price Shake ‘n Go Disney Pixar Cars 2 - 20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011

Just in case you know a great and cool toy for this holiday season, feel free to suggest from the comment box to complete our “20 Top Toys for Christmas 2011” list.


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