Sonor Children’s Glockenspiel Soprano Chromatic : Colorful and Well Tuned!


Sonor children’s glockenspiel soprano chromatic introduces your children to unique music instrument, its brightly colored bars on wood base are very attracting to kids, especially they can make sound when hit a mallet on it. Aside from its adorable design, this music instrument will also entertain your children when they learn to play glockenspiel. It is similar to xylophone, but the real glockenspiel bars are made of metal plates or tubes, this toy version provides you with great tone, each bar has been carefully tuned to correct pitch, it’s a delight for the whole family to play. It won’t be easy to find similar toys that come close to the quality and tuning that this instrument offers.

Even when your kid plays a bit rough with Sonor children’s glockenspiel soprano chromatic, it’s going to be just fine. The mallets slide and snap into the side of the instrument, some children really enjoy taking them out and put them back in, weird but it happens. [Click here to checkout Glockenspiel Soprano Chromatic]

Sonor Children's Glockenspiel Soprano Chromatic


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