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Children physical and mental development is very crucial especially in the first years of their life. Do you know that child’s microbiome is seeded during birth and as the baby passes through the bird canal? Microbiome is a group of microorganism that protects our body from germs, breaks down food into energy, and produces vitamins. Microbiome increases over time, between ages of 12 months to four years, they can increase 10x from 100 to 1,000 in baby’s tummy.

Tiny Tummies is priobiotic that is designed to help nurture baby’s microbiome that will influence physical health and mental well being for the rest of their lives. The packets of this probiotic would start your wee one off on the right foot with favorable balance of gut bacteria. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Tiny Tummies Probiotics for Babies]

Tiny Tummies by Lovebug Probiotics

Well, even when baby has just reached the age of three, their microbiome has developed to the point resembles that of a full-grown adult. It’s important to have a balanced gut populated with helpful bacteria, it’ll help to create a robust immune system and healthy digestive system. this means by giving Tiny Tummie’s probiotic blend at early age, you can set a foundation for a good health.

Each packet contains flavorless powder with 15 Billion CFU count, you can just mix it with food or water. Lovebug probiotics Tiny Tummies is an eco friendly supplement, Tiny Tummies probiotic doesn’t include gluten, soy, and lactose or any other common ingredients that can cause allergic reactions. It’s non-GMO, sugar free, gluten free, and lactose free.

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