Egg Head & Baby Yolkel by Jason Freeny

Egg Head & Baby Yolkel is one of the cutest creations of the most famous New York based modern toy designer Jason Freeny. This is an artistic yet fashion design of a 5″ tall unique original character which tag on the track of that custom. Three years ago the designer created a similar toy of 3″ tall Egg Qee called…

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Counting Natural Wood PuzzleMe Up Puzzles Are Handcrafted From Managed Forest Basswood

PuzzleMe Up Puzzle is educational toy for young children to improve their eye-hand coordination, counting, motor, and creative skills. We found 3 adorable puzzles that might interest you : Counting Pups Natural Wood PuzzleMe Up Puzzle, Counting Octopi Wood PuzzleMe Up Puzzle, and Cow & Calf Wood PuzzleMe Up Puzzle. Those 3 puzzles are handcrafted from managed forest Basswood. These…

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Musical Toadstool Is A lovely Nursery Addition

This beautiful wooden painted musical toy is a perfect addition to any nursery. It plays beautiful theme music from Love Story. At the same time, it helps encouraging your baby to fall asleep while listening to this gentle and soft tones. This musical toadstool weight is only 413g. [Musical Toadstool £18] From : Cox & Cox