Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish Cools Baby Food in Seconds


Serving your children hot food is a big no, you should use Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish to cool the food instantly without diluting it. Pretty nice isn’t it? You still can present food quickly to your impatient baby, especially when he or she temperature sensitive. Simply fill the dish and freeze it, so every time you want to serve hot food, the dish is always read to use. You can also use the dish to keep ice cream or salad cold on a hot summer day.

Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish works really great with steaming hot food, let it cool the food for about 30 seconds, your baby would enjoy his or her perfect temperature food without hassle. It’s great for soup, pizza, oatmeal, spaghetti or just anything that’s hot. [CLICK HERE to checkout Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish with special price]

Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish


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