Bored with Plain Stroller Design? Let’s Find Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Covers


Most parents want their children to stand out from the crowd, well every little boy and girl is unique right? We’ve seen many parents are having unique camouflage stroller covers when walking in the park, why settle for the plain stroller when you can have personalized one. Just in case you’re wondering where you can get those cute custom covers, we have done some quick browsing around, see what we have come up with.

We notice that Britax Chaperone stroller has adorable cute cow themed stroller, called Cowmooflage. The name itself already makes us smile.

Britax Chaperone Cowmooflage Stroller - Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Cover

We also find custom made army look camouflage infant carseat cover.

Green Camouflage Infant Carseat Cover - Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Cover

What about camo stroller / carseat baby blanket? We saw many interesting blankets that fit your stroller and carseat when browsing on Etsy Shop like this one below.

Camo stroller carseat baby blanket - Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Cover

You can also try to contact the owner of this website to order a personalized stroller cover. Check their “before and after” section.

Customized Kids Strollers - Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Cover


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