15 Things You Can Do or Say to Fix Your Children Bad Day – Just Reset and Reconnect


Not just adults, even children can have a bad day. There are many reasons that can cause your kids to become moody, scream, cry, or have tantrum, one of the reasons can be us, the parent. So, how do we fix this? Even though we love them so much, grumpy tots are no fun. Here’s 15 things you can say or do to bring back those happy faces and cute laughs back.

15 Things You Can Do or Say to Fix Your Children Bad Day - Just Reset and Reconnect

1. Say I love you, and ask them what’s wrong. First of all, children tell the truth, they just can’t hide or lie what’s bothering them. Even when at first they seem to find it hard to talk being overwhelmed by the emotion, you can guide them to just take a slow, deep breath for few minutes to calm them.

2. Lego Bath. It means that having a great time in the bathtub, surrounded by lego toys. It’s actually fun, children can submerge in a warm water, relaxing their body while playing with their favorite toys.

3. Coloring game. Just make sure that you always keep a stack of paper with printed objects, this way, you are always ready for coloring game. This activity can be very soothing for those little minds. Soon, they’ll focus on choosing colors, coloring the objects, or even drawing one.

4. Popsicle. Which kids don’t like popsicle, in fact, it can turn that frown into a big smile in an instant, just like magic.

5. A walk in the park. A simple walk in the park works like a charm, you can sit down and watch people move, in just minutes, I bet your children would want to play around, forgetting everything about their bad day.

6. Favorite toys. You should keep some of your children favorite toys, in this way, these toys can be your weapon to brighten their day. However, use a timer, 30 minutes or 1 hour, then you need to put away these toys again and keep it for emergency like this.

7. Music. How bout some music to put a smile back into that little angel face? Baby Shark is cool, but other fun music will do. Perhaps you can dance together, it relaxes the body, mind, and soul.

8. Baking. Well, baking chocolate chip cookies together can reset your children bad day, not to mention that they would be excited waiting for those cookies coming out of the oven. Having a little extra help in the kitchen is not bad, isn’t it?

9. Whatever it is, I’m here for you. This is an nice supportive words that you can say to your kids to calm them down. Making them understand that you will always be there for them, no matter what.

10. Read a story. Yep, a good story will make children focus on your story instead of their bad mood. You can read their favorite story, making cool sound for each character, or perhaps asking them to also read the dialog.

11. Offering support and help. Sometimes, simply asking if there’s anything we can do to help them might solve the problem.

12. Ice Cream. Well this is obvious, just like popsicle, it’s like a cure for a frown face.

13. Learning to see from your children perspective. When you two argue, stop treating that their opinion is not important, you should focus on what really matters. Reconnect with your children, acknowledging what they want and at the same time, clarify what you need. Both of you will come to an agreement even though it might not exactly what you or your children want, but still, something works out.

14. Pets. Of yeah, a playful dog or cat can turn your day around, including children. If you don’t have pets, just go to the park, you’ll see a lot of people walking their dogs. However, we strongly recommend that you keep a pet because you truly love them and want to take care of them not just as a tool to cheer up your children.

15 Things You Can Do or Say to Fix Your Children Bad Day - Just Reset and Reconnect

15. Drink Lemonade. Who doesn’t love lemonade? in fact, the process of making this drink would become a way to reconnect with your children. They can talk about what’s bothering them while enjoying a fresh lemon juice.

The main goal here is to reconnect with your children, helping them to fix their bad day and reconnect. You need to stop what you’re doing and really focus on your children needs, because yelling at them and being frustrated don’t help in this scenario. Perhaps you can add some more tips in the comment box below.


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