Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset : Let Children Have A Crazy Time with Hexbug Nano Mutant Specimen

Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset offers you a cool hive habitat to provide you a crazy time with your nanos. Just Unfold this Hexbug Nano Have Habitat to reveal a cool platform for your Hexbug Nano Mutant Specimen to skitter and ricochet around through this custom built mazes. There are 35 construction pieces your children can use to build unique and cool different environments for those little nanos to explore. Traveling with this toy? Not a problem, just fold up this habitat, you are ready to go.

This habitat comes with 2 hexbug nanos and the good news is, each track is interchangeable with other track pieces which sold separately. If you still not sure how to unfold this toy, when you receive this item, try to find the two textured black hexagons. The next thing you need to do is simply slide those hexagons toward the sides of the set and voila, the other two sides will unlock. When it’s time to store this playset, just fold both sides back, relax, it won’t ruin your newly created mazes. [Click here to get more details about Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset]

Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset

Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset

If you are not familiar with Hexbug Hive Playset, we can give you a brief explanation. When you unfold or open this habitat set, you’ll find gray and orange platform with a white second level and a ramp. It’s a cool multi-level playground. You can insert those construction pieces onto the gray level where it’s been designed with many small holes to fit the construction pieces (hint: sometimes, it requires a little force to plug those pieces in). What kind of mazes that your children can create? Well, it will depend on your children creativity. Each unit comes with 16 cogs, 16 workable doors, 2 spinning spirals or merry-go-round and 1 seesaw. Can you imagine how interactive the maze will be?

Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset

At first, your children might find Hexbug Hive Playset is a bit confusing, but don’t worry. Children are smart with high level imagination, they’ll figure it out in minutes and get entertained for hours. [Click here to get more details about Innovation First Hexbug Hive Playset]

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