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Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat For Growing Infant

This Summer Infant 3-Stage Super Seat offers growing infant a comfortable area to sit on. It features 360 degrees of floor time activity fun booster in one. Summer Infant 3-stage super seat helps your baby to learn sitting up and play safely. For stage 1, this infant seat aids baby when learning to sit up. Second stage is about floor…

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The Konstantin Beta Sit-On Toy by Nika Zupanc

In order to bring back children to play with physical toys just like the old days, Nika Zupanc has designed stylish sit-on toys. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this limited edition toy. Available only 7 editions, each product is labelled with £1,657.00 price. Lucky for us, there are other affordable sit-on toys for our children.

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Pushpull Rolling Toy by KaikuDesign

All toddlers will have a blast moment with Pushpull Rolling Toy. They just can’t stop asking push me/pull me around. It’s a fun toy for early walker. We can also teach our toddlers to clean their room by filling this rolling toy with their toys or stuffed animals or books. This unit is very safe for your children, the natural…

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Gold Fish Wooden Sailboat

Take this little sailboat to the bathroom and have fun with your kid. You can also use a large bucket, fill water, and set sail. This wooden sailboat is made of American pine, cotton sails, string, and beeswax finish. Check out the link to can find more beautiful toys from this designer. [Willowbaus Shop $18.00]

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Recycling Truck Creates Eco-Awareness in Your Child

The innovative recycling truck has been made with durable, sturdy and eco-friendly composite of recycled plastic and reclaimed wood and is not painted; instead, it’s dyed with safe pigments that don’t include heavy metals in them. All the elements are expertly crafted and fitted to ensure good functioning of the truck and contain a recycling bin, the only detachable element…

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An audio visual stimulating booties?

Since newborns can’t really see clearly until about 6 months, it is important for us adults to provide babies with toys that will help in visual development through their toys and accessories. Toys that have extreme contrasts like a combination of red, black and white will definitely get baby’s attention. Also, at the same time exercise the visual muscles, thus…

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Winkel is a rattle and teether rolled into one

Manhattan Toy has brought something new and original. The Winkel toy is not just a colorful rattle but is also a teether rolled into one. Babies like to shake toys especially when they hear sounds coming out of it. But they also love to put anything they get hold of into their mouth. Winkel is safe to put in the…

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