Modern Kids Ride-on Toy From Made by Joel

Modern Kids Ride-on Toy has been designed for toddlers who are still can’t ride bikes or scooters. It’s a perfect ride-on toy where children can sit on and scoot around, checkout the small cargo that you can use to keep your children toys and other stuff. We really love this wooden toy, so simple yet sturdy, the designer even said…

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Big Baby Bobby Car Potty : Horn When Your Baby’s Done!

Potty training should be a fun experience for children, otherwise, they can be traumatized by the pressure. Big Baby Bobby Car Potty is a stress-free equipment to potty train your baby, it’s a great help for parents as they really need to have great understanding, love and time during the process. This product is similar to the classic Big Bobby…

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Accessories, Fashion

Cute and Adorable RuffleButt Panty or Diaper cover

Now bloomers have something to rejoice. Wondering what it could be? Well, it is this sweet little RuffleButt Panty from Ruffle Butts. It is indeed an endearing way to celebrate summer time with Ruffle Butts, which is fun and ruffled girl’ clothing line. It is ideal for everyone who sees those crawlers smile. With floral embroidered whirls in cotton fabric,…

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Target Recalled Circo Alamo Infant Girl Sandals

Target recalled the exclusive sandal for baby has received several reports of those decorative flowers getting detached from the sandals which might lead to choking hazard to toddlers. However, no injuries as such have been reported yet. The recalled infant sandals for girls are white in color with attractive plastic flowers attached onto the sides and the toes. These sandals…

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Learning and Education, Toys

Crayola Beginnings Baby 20ct Jumbles Teach Toddlers To Pile, Stack, Connect, and Build

Crayola Beginnings Baby 20-count Jumbles are certainly better than blocks. These jumbles are as vibrant as they sound, and toddlers will just love them, as they are fun to join, stack and build. They are made of vibrantly colored, durable rubber, ideally sized and formed for tiny hands to grip. Jumbles’ vivid colors and fun shapes fascinate toddlers. Perhaps, infants…

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Accessories, Safety

Rhoost Baby Proofing Products Keep Children Safe in The House

Passionate mom Vianka Perez Belyea together with business savoir-faire partner Tavinder Phull, have unveiled a line of sustainable products, which look great and keep children safe in your house. The Rhoost stylish and safety products including outlet covers, sharp table edges, cabinet restraints, bumpers that safeguard against pinched fingers, keep toddlers protected from household hazards. All these products are 100…

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Furniture, Learning and Education

Lipper International Child’s Chalkboard Desk and Chair Set

The Lipper International child’s chalkboard desk and chair set is designed for toddlers, preschoolers as well as elementary school-age children with an eye-catching child-safe pecan finish. With the desktop featuring a chalkboard work surface, it appears to be great for a kid to practice writing alphabets and numbers without any hassle. Children can as well use the chalkboard a regular…

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Toys, Travel

Pushpull Rolling Toy by KaikuDesign

All toddlers will have a blast moment with Pushpull Rolling Toy. They just can’t stop asking push me/pull me around. It’s a fun toy for early walker. We can also teach our toddlers to clean their room by filling this rolling toy with their toys or stuffed animals or books. This unit is very safe for your children, the natural…

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Cute and Cuddly KidKraft Elephant Plush Musical Rocker

Cute and enchanting elephant musical rocker from KidKraft is a great gift for your kids. They will love rocking on the elephant’s back and enjoying the fun songs it plays. This big and cuddly elephant features 4 fun and original songs at the push of a button, sturdy wood rockers to hold the rider. It has the perfect size for…

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