Boodalee City Wall Stickers for Modern Nursery Decor

Decorating modern nursery room can be completed with a nice touch from Boodalee City Wall Stickers. It features 4 of 44 x 22.5 sheets of buildings and various transportation that represent modern city lifestyle. The buildings and the cars come in modern paste colors: orange, bright blue, charcoal or navy blue, you would love these wall stickers look in your…

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Modern Noach Cradle by by Joost Van Veldhuizen

Noach cradle is designed by Joost Van Veldhuizen, a talented Dutch designer. Under his own label, VanJoost, Noach cradle is a beautiful hand crafted wood crib that you can hang at ceiling in your nursery room. You would love this cradle that features high quality craftsmanship, a perfect addition to your modern interior decor. You can also choose to hang…

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Ubbi Diaper Pail Keeps Your Nursery Room Odorless

Placing Ubbi Diaper Pail in the nursery room would be a stylish solution to get rid those used diapers. The top part is made from plastic while the body is metal, the modern design blends perfectly with your modern interior decor. This product is able to contain odors thank you to its strong rubber seals, no odor can escape. If…

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