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Stylish Baby Accessories Drying Rack Grass

The sleek and fashionable Grass can positively indicate your stylish attitude even in your baby accessories drying rack with great functionality. The two-piece design allows the user to clean it easily, while the durable construction allows both parts to be safely placed in dishwasher. Water from the upright baby items amalgamates into the lower tray and the flexible grass blades…

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A newly designed traveling cup for babies

The Boon Fluid Sippy Cup has an angled spout that requires less head tipping with the spill-proof spout. It is ergonomically shaped that’s perfect for small hands of babies 9 months and above. You can fill it up with any liquid your baby can drink up to 9 ounces. This plastic drinking cup for babies is non-toxic which means, it…

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Now Potty Train Your Kid.. The Easy Way..

Now get through that difficult phase of potty training your kid, the easy way. Introducing to you, the Potty Bench. Brought to you by pioneers in the baby product industry, Boon Inc., this Potty Bench is an all one toilet training product for your toddler.