Educational Toy : House/Bridge Building Kit by Timberworks

Want to know if your child loves architecture? Timberworks House/Bridge Building Kit is an ideal building set for children, a perfect set for a household setting with 1 or 2 children. Your children might grow up becoming a great architect someday, you can help them find their talent. Each set includes: Timbers: 14 twelve inch timbers (2 perpendicular), 8 six…

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Shiver Me Timbers Computer Desk Gives An Elegant Look To Any Nursery

Why kid’s computer desks always have to look like computer desks? You know what I mean, right? Shiver me timbers computer desk is certainly something different that you usually see as computer tables with conventional look, yet functional enough to meet all your kid’s requirements with ultimate convenience. Made of antique honey brown oak with antique aged brass finish, this…

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