Packin’ SMART Stack-N-Seal Storage System Allows Convenient Traveling

Carrying food for your baby is always an important and problematic issue when you are traveling. Packin’ SMART Stack-N-Seal Storage System is an innovative food container that features four individual compartments for storing different kind of foods, snacks and even beverages. Each of the stackable containers makes a neat and spill-proof formula and has dispenser lids that will allow conveniently…

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Avent Magic Super Sport Cup

The BPA-free Avent Magic Super Sport Cup is offering amazing spill-proof feature whether shaken or thrown in the air and yet easier to drink from. It includes a Magic Valve that opens while drinking to let airflow in, to allow steady flow of liquid out which means less suction is required. The magic valve closes when not in use to…

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A newly designed traveling cup for babies

The Boon Fluid Sippy Cup has an angled spout that requires less head tipping with the spill-proof spout. It is ergonomically shaped that’s perfect for small hands of babies 9 months and above. You can fill it up with any liquid your baby can drink up to 9 ounces. This plastic drinking cup for babies is non-toxic which means, it…

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