Modern Toy KekoKIWI Timeless in Form

KekoKIWI toy is dedicated for modern kiwi kids. This toy is solid in construction and timeless in design. Visually appealing, this modern kid’s toy will fit in with your contemporary interior design. The form itself combines 3 basic elements in harmony: a body, beak, and wheels. The materials are made of grown timbers, such as radiata pine, beech, macrocarpa, all…

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Eco Friendly, Health, Toys

Cariboo Activity Gym Trains Your Baby Movement Ability

Cariboo Activity Gym offers an entertainment center for your child. With its modern design, this activity gym blends beautifully with your home decor. This unit comes with 4 adorable miniature dolls: baby lab, baby sheep, baby turtle, and moon. It’s important not to stimulate your baby with unnecessary noises and lights, rather provide them with fun friends for practicing baby…

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