Modern Kids Furniture : Kalon Studios Caravan Dresser

Made out of the most eminent quality FSC- certified solid maple as well as zero formaldehyde birch panels, the Kalon Studios Caravan Dresser is 100% non-toxic. Perhaps, the beautiful Caravan Dresser is an ideal match for the colorful Caravan crib. Well, you don’t require the matching set as the caravan dresser stands firm on its own. [Caravan Dresser]


Stek Creates Modern and Stylish Furniture for Kids

Not many stylish furniture are dedicated for Kids, but Dutch company Stek thinks differently. This company creates tiny modern furniture collection for children in simple yet wonderful design. Every furniture is made from birch plywood and can be painted in requested colors, but you can also choose the natural look. Check out their new bench seat and table collection, the…

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