Garfield with Visor Pez Dispenser

This dispenser has been designed specially to customize the bathroom environment of your kids just as like they want. This dispenser collection would be a great addition to the bathroom atmosphere which not only can provide great aesthetic, but also will make the bathroom apparels more functional than ever. Your kids will surely like the funny characters with different bright…

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Sweet Sounds With Tolo Shake Rattle and Roll

This is one of the best classical toys you could ever get to your child. “Tolo Shake Rattle and Roll” makes sweet rattling sound that makes it more fun for kids to hold on to and play with. This toy has reportedly said to have attracted wide range of kids from 3 months to 5 years old. Made with attractive…

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Go Green With Plasma Car

Plasma car which makes use of one the inexhaustible sources of energy is sure to give your kid the fun ride they ever wanted to, it doesn’t require any batteries, liquid fuels or power cells to run all it takes is a flat surface to run smoothly and some of your kid’s power.