Luv U Zoo Cradle Swing from Fisher-Price With a Plug-In Option

Luv U Zoo Cradle Swing from Fisher Price provides soothing and entertaining swing for your baby either side-to-side or front-to-back motion. The playful 8 songs will entertain the baby along with 2 funny sound effects. There are 6 swing speeds, cool motorized mobile entertainment with adorable animals, and cute little mirror. Just in case needed, you can also remove the…

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Elegant Baby City Squirties Toy Pack

City Squirties is a toy pack that comprises 6 playful toys to keep your baby busy with various fun activities. The combination of different types of vehicles with a nice and attractive color selection will let your baby to have a variety of entertainments by playing different games. The adorable vehicle package is wrapped with a vinyl zip bag featuring…

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