Learning Carpets Giant Road Carpet Provides A Fun Way for Your Children to Explore The World


Learning Carpets Giant Road Carpet provides an easy way for your children to explore the world. It’s a road, a rug, a highway, and a learning carpet in one. This giant road carpet is great addition (especially for boys) to your children’s room as they will be having their own play space with houses, a zoo, a park, a school and even a duck pond. Let your children imagination run free on this giant roadway with matchbox-sized vehicles, even when your baby is older, toddler-sized vehicles would work just fine. Made in 100% nylon, this carpet comes with durable latex gel skid-proof backing, therefore, it’s pretty safe to place it on wood or tile floors. [Click Here to get more info about Giant Road Carpet]

Learning Carpets Giant Road Carpet

Learning carpets giant road carpet inspires creative play, the colorful and long rug provides lots of play space, in fact, most parents consider the best aspect of this rug is their children keep cars and other toys on the rug instead of everywhere else underfoot. If you are looking for a toy that is fairly quiet and easy to play with little kids, you might want to consider purchasing this rug. One minor flaw of this rug that you should know is that this rug doesn’t roll up into small cylinder, thus taking up a bit space when it’s “put up”. However, if you’re going to place it on your children’s room, there’s no reason to roll the rug up after every play.

Two children can play together at the same time without running or climbing into each other so often. This rug is pretty large for them yet they don’t have to step over too far to get to the other side. It measures 9″x 13″ x 36″, a perfect size. The affordable price tag makes Learning carpets giant road carpet well worth your hard earned money. [Click Here to get more info about Giant Road Carpet]


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