Learn How to Baby Proof Your Home Effectively


Having a baby is joyous but it is also a great responsibility. When there is a baby in the house, it is important to take special care in baby proofing your home. it is important to understand that even if you have a little baby in your home, soon enough he or she will turn into a little toddler and move around the house unrestricted. Therefore, you need to know how to baby proof your home properly to ensure the baby safety. For starters, you need to ensure that all the sharp edges that are present in the house. Sharp edges of tables needs to be taped to ensure that there are no sharp edges.

1. Outlet Plugs

Plug points require tamper-proof covers since these tend to be hazardous. Babies tend to move around the house and can put their hands in such open plug points. Therefore, covering of such plug points is necessary. The crib for the baby needs to be away from the window and other high areas that can present any kind of potential risk of falling. Moreover, before putting the baby in the crib you need to make sure that the crib does not have any kind of items or small toys that present potential choking hazard. You might want to check out Mommy’s Helper Outlet Plugs.

Baby Proof House with Outlet Plugs

2. Toys

Yes, even toys might not baby proof. If you already have another child in the house, more grown up, you need to keep his or her toys away from the baby because those toys might be injurious to the baby. For example, Lego pieces of your elderly kid can be hazardous for your baby. The doormats that you use in your home have to be slip proof for the baby. The bedding on the baby’s bed needs to be suffocation proof, which means that extra soft or fluffy bedding is not allowed.

3. Electrical Appliances

Another important aspect that you need to keep in mind is that all the electrical appliances that in your house needs to be away from the reach of your baby. Drawers and refrigerators require proper closures because these are possible hazardous areas for the baby. Medications too needs to be locked away from the reach of the baby to ensure that you have properly baby proofed your home. Magnet lock from KidCo provides you an easy way to lock your cabinets without tools or drilling.

Baby Proof Your House with KidCo 4 Lock Set

4. Plants or decorations

If you have indoor plants for decoration purposes, then you need to remove them or keep them away from the baby. This is because even on indoor plants there are small insects or the soil and dirt that are there in the pot. Plastic items need to be away from the reach of the baby as well. In some homes, there are blind cords that hang quite low and this is problematic, if you have a baby in your home. To baby proof these kind of cords, you need to shorten the cords of such blinds because they are quite hazardous.

5. Furniture

You will also have to choose your baby’s crib properly because your baby crib must have slats with minimum distance between them. This is because if the slats of the crib have big gaps then the baby might crawl out or falls through them or might even be stuck. Use crib bumper to avoid this problem. Therefore, the distance between the slats has to be less 2/3 inches. You will also have to install baby gates between your stairs. You can use corner guards to protect your child from sharp edges such as tables, chairs, etc.

Baby Proof Your House with Regalo Walk Through Gate

Baby Proof Your House with Prince Lionheart Corner Guard

Babyproofing your house is not really that difficult right? When you’ve done with above list, it doesn’t mean you can put your guard down. You still need to staying close to the baby, because it’s almost impossible for parents to completely babyproof their home.


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