Stokke Sleepi Junior Bed Kit

Stokke Sleepi Junior Bed Kit is the perfect option for your kid’s bedding and playing needs. It makes a great add on for your kid’s play room. This bed kit comes with a conversion kit which enables this product to be made as a bed during nights and a comfortable sofa during day times. It also includes a mattress which…

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Accessories, Bedding/Crib

Your Kid’s First Baby Giraffe Blanket!

In our series showcasing personalized baby products, we bring the Baby Giraffe Blanket Set. The animal theme blanket will sure put your baby to sleep in minutes. This blanket, personalized with his name and mellow yellow in color, comes in a giraffe box which has squeezable arms and legs. Its a fleece blanket, measuring 30″ x 36″ and the giraffe…

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Bedding/Crib, Design and Concept

Baby Bed With Extra Care

Ever been worried about your baby while he sleeps? Have spent many sleepless nights getting up to check on the baby? Always wanted to keep your baby close to you while he slept? Well the solution to all your problems is here the Bloom Baby Bed Concept To Ensure Baby Safety.

Bedding/Crib, Decor

Tiramolla Kids Loft Bedroom Designs

Loft beds can easily be seen as the grown-up interpretation of the bunk bed and when a simple loft bed is transformed into a loft bedroom, the results are quite interesting and fun. The Tiramolla Loft bedrooms, by Tumidei, are not only innovative but cool as heck. Tumidei states, “Composing to the infinity without limits this is our philosophy base…

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