The Milk Truck : Mobile Breastfeeding Unit Promotes The Freedom of Feeding A Baby in Public Spots


Breastfeeding in public is becoming a big matter of problem these days. Recently, Forest Park, Georgia attempted to forbid breastfeeding in public for children older than 2 years. Be it a commandment in the making or a wicked eye from a spectator, breastfeeding moms always find it daunting to feed in public. In order to help moms overcome breastfeeding battles, Jill Miller, an artist and mom has come up with the Milk Truck.

The Milk Truck by Jill Miller

The Milk Truck by Jill Miller

It is a mobile breastfeeding unit, which is part public service plus part performance art. The milk truck is to be displayed at the Andy Warhol Museum this fall. The Milk Truck solves the problem of women having to leave eateries or cover up when feeding. It is also Miller intention that this Milk Truck can start a discussion about the basic human right, feeding a baby. In such forceful scenarios, when breastfeeding moms are asked to leave the place, they can call up the truck that will park its huge boob before the anti-breastfeeding firm, creating a sight and giving the mom complete freedom and comfy shelter for the baby’s next meal.

The main goal is not to hide nursing moms behind closed doors but rather to bring this issue to the forefront. How? Well the Milk Truck itself has been designed like a giant breast and nipple attached to an ice cream truck. So, imagine the reaction of people when they see this truck runs through town. Miller also encourages mommies to breastfeed in front of the truck if they prefer or stay in their usual public spots to do their next feeding. Miller as well desires to take the boob mobile over the road to concerts, fairs and sporting events primarily to grab the attention to the cause plus providing a spot to nurse.

Currently, Miller is raising fund to bring Milk Truck into reality. You can support this project on Kickstarter.

From : The Milk Truck via [Inhabitots]


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