Modern Blik Wall Puzzle Teaches Your Children About Animals

Blik wall puzzle is a collection of modern wall puzzle for children’s room by AModernEden. It teaches your children about shapes, mix and match, and different animals. Take a look at the Farm wall puzzle; it comes with farm animals such as horse, mouse, dog, cow, duck, rooster, owl, pig, and sheep. The Rainforest wall puzzle introduces your children to the green of a forest and its animals such as iguana, monkey, frog and snake. The Grassland wall puzzle will fill the room with dangerous animals in cute and adorable picture. Your children will get to know rhino, giraffe, zebra, cheetah, elephant, and lion. The Polar wall puzzle decorates the room with cool arctic animals: penguins, walrus, seals, and polar bear. These Blik wall decals will enhance your children imaginations.

Blik Farm Wall Puzzle

Blik Farm Wall Puzzle - Blik Wall Puzzle

Blik Farm Wall Puzzle - Blik Wall Puzzle

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