PlanToys Build-n-Spin : A Perfect Way to Keep Your Child Engaged

PlanToys Build-n-Spin is a 36 piece playset that includes natural and color unit blocks along with 2 pieces of twisted blocks as well as 3 piece of wooden spindle. This engaging playset will encourage the togetherness of the child with their parents through mutual designing and assembling pathways for the brilliant spindle to roll. Your child’s intelligence, as well as problem solving and planning skills will be developed through continuous modification of the toy. It features special tracks and functions like ramps and curves to encourage child’s eyes to follow the spindle, therefore developing vision and observation capabilities. This playset will offer more fun when played in groups and will also boost your child’s social skills. [Click here to get more details on PlanToys Build n Spin]

PlanToys Build n Spin

PlanToys Build n Spin

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