Blaze Interactive Rocking Horse Give Your Kids Real Horse Riding Experience

Blaze is an interactive rocking horse that can provide an ultimate pony riding experience to your kids with various playful alternatives. The horse comprises an appearance like a real horse, as well as incorporates the required functionalities to make the riding realistic. Connecting with a rope lasso and red tack, the great stand-in position adds unique aesthetics to your interior as well. Your little cowboy will be delighted with various electronic sounds like walk, gallop and tort when they are on their riding action. The horse includes a brush that can be used by your kids to clean it after finishing their exercise session. The safety straps cover the springs to ensure not to get your kids fingers pinched and the innovative X-Frame base gives the riding toy ultimate durability. [Click here to get details on Blaze Interactive Rocking Horse]

blaze interactive rocking horse

blaze interactive rocking horse

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