DwellStudio Stamp Sets : Perfect Gift For Children Who Love Stamping!

I can still remember how I loved stamps with unique motifs as a kid. I could stamp a clean white paper over and over again till it’s full, then started again with a new one. I guess DwellStudio understands the kid’s urge to stamp/mark almost anything they see. They have come up with DwellStudio Stamp Sets collection, a classic toy that today’s kids will love. Each of their stamp sets features unique motifs: zoo animals, farm life, and cityscape. Each set comes with 6 or 7 stamps, 5 pencils, 2 ink pads, and cute 8″ x 10″ pine box to keep all those stationary. [Click here to checkout DwellStudio Stamp Sets]

DwellStudio Zoo Stamp Set - DwellStudio Stamp Sets

DwellStudio Zoo Stamp Set - DwellStudio Stamp Sets

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