Rafa Kids R Toddler Bed by Agata & Arek Seredyn

Modern and playful Rafa Kids R Toddler bed is perfect for any modern kid’s room. This bed not only acts as your baby’s crib but also a beautiful element in the room, a nice and beautiful place to sleep and rest. It is equipped with giant wheels for not only functional reasons but a playful element to the bed. To…

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Design and Concept, Eco Friendly, Toys

Tube Toys by Oscar Diaz

This newly designed Tube Toys are definitely going to save a lot of wasted material since this toy is actually assembled from its packaging itself. It’s an ingenious design isn’t it? The packaging is the product, there won’t be any discarded material after purchase, in this way, it reduces the cost of producing traditional packaging which is going to be…

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