Stiga USA Snowracer SX PRO Snow Sled Takes Steering and Maneuverability to The Next Level

Winter fun means Stiga USA Snowracer SX PRO Snow Sled. It’s an extreme snow sled for snow racer, if you’re looking for nice furious speed and years of winter fun, then this product is for you. Controlled by Curve Ski System, this snow sled would become a family favorite, each unit is designed to provide you with extreme speed, perfect for snow action lovers. Featuring twin tip skis and a carved shaped front ski, the design improves steering and maneuverability to the next level.

This snow sled comes with a handlebar and handles, the non slip material makes it pretty solid to grip. The handlebar is covered with protective foam, it feels solid and comfortable to hold. It also features a steering spring, brake, and automatic winder. This snow sled offers better control over those plastic sleds. You need to assemble this snow sled when it arrives, but don’t worry, it doesn’t take genius to do it. The tow string makes it easy to pull it back up the hill, it’s pretty light, you can easily place it at the back of an SUV. It is recommended for 3 years old and up, tested at 110lbs. [CLICK HERE to get more details about Stiga USA Snowracer SX PRO Snow Sled]

Stiga USA Snowracer SX PRO Snow Sled

Stiga USA Snowracer SX PRO Snow Sled

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