Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade Protects Baby’s Sensitive Eyes from The Sun


Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade is the smaller version from the famous Classic Stroller Sunshade. When you walk your baby using stroller, you can protect the baby from the heat of the sun using this sunshade, it features UPF 50+ or we can say the highest sun protection rating possible in the market. This means this product offers almost 100% protection from the sun’s rays with great air circulation. The material is specially woven fabric that doesn’t keep the heat, it is breathable, perfect for small compact strollers.
It doesn’t matter the weather, sunny or cloudy, this sunshade protects your baby’s sensitive eyes. [Click here to get more information about Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade]
Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade

You can attach Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade on the stroller or fold it away for easy storage when not in use (it comes with fabric bag). It is compatible with most single strollers, carriages and even car seats. The mesh side vents provides sun protection, cross ventilation as well as maximum viewing, so you might think it looks like old granny hats, but it does great job in protecting your baby’s from the sun. One minor issue is that you need to really bend very low to pull your baby out, but the canopy is very soft, so you don’t have to worry when your baby’s head hit it sometime. [Click here to purchase Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade with discounted price]

Protect-a-Bub Compact Sunshade


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