Kidsonroof Totem Figurines : A Great Way To Spark Your Children’s Imagination

Peter Henkes together with Romy Boesveldt, the founders of Kidsonroof have come up with the excellent project set including Kidsonroof Totem Figurines, which are a multifunctional and ingenious project set. Both the designers are ardent about creating imaginative as well as colorful designed objects.

Kidsonroof Totem Figurines

The Figurines set features eight sheets printed with various elements including a boy, a girl, little bird, a cat, a goose, bear and baby bear, a dog, a donkey, a beautiful deer and a goat. These elements make great templates for us to draw on once popped out. Just slide these figurines into their stands and watch them coming to life as awesome paperdolls, participating in eternal fantasy stories. While one side of the set is printed in an old fashioned way, the other side of it is left blank for you to draw yourself. Made of recycled paper, it is completely safe and biodegradable as well. The Kidsonroof Totem Figurines set is bound with uncycled fiber fabric.

Kidsonroof Totem Figurines

Kidsonroof Totem Figurines

From : Kidsonroof

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