How to Keep Pacifier in Baby’s Mouth? Try Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier!


I’m sure one of our readers has had the problem of keeping the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. If your baby won’t sleep without her or his pacifier, there’s a chance that you won’t sleep either, because you need to hold the pacifier close to the baby all night long. If this is what you’ve been doing, I suggest you to try WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier. You’ll be surprised to see what a combination of an adorable plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier can do. Each of these toys has been designed specifically to provide comfort for the baby. The bean-filled soft animal toy not only acts as great stimulation for little fingers but also as a positioning supports for the pacifier. [Click Here to get more details about Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier]

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Monkey

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Cutsie Caterpillar

Each pacifier that is sewn within the WubbaNub made of Medical Grade Silicone (latex-free) while the beans inside the toy are sewn in separate safety sacks within the plush that conform to US government safety code requirements. Since 1999, WubbaNub has produced a lot of friendly animal shaped plush toys in various bright colors such as WubbaNub Monkey, WubbaNub Elephant, WubbaNub Giraffe, WubbaNub Penguin, and many more. WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier could make your baby happy and well-rested, well not just the baby, you too!

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Elephant

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Giraffe

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Brown Puppy

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Lamb

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Lion

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