Cute Animal Slippers for Baby and Toddlers


We just saw these little cute animal slippers and wanted to share with you. These are adorable baby slippers made from softest polyester material to provide comfort for the baby. Checkout our picks of cute animal slippers:

1. Plush Tiger Print Baby Slippers
Adorable tiger at your baby’s feet. These super soft slippers will keep your baby’s feet warm. It’s been designed with light gripper bottoms for your baby first steps. [Plush Tiger Print Baby Slippers]

Plush Tiger Print Baby Slippers - Cute Animal Slippers

2. Plush Giraffe Print Baby Slippers
Hey, look at the giraffe at my feet. Your baby will love watching his or her feet all the time. The material is soft polyester, the same good quality material as the tiger slippers. [Plush Giraffe Print Baby Slippers]

Plush Giraffe Print Baby Slippers - Cute Animal Slippers

3. Animal Faces Slippers
We saw this at Etsy, we thought they are too adorable not to share it with you. If you prefer different kinds of animals on your baby slippers, this one should be your choice. The slippers feature different happy animal faces. [Click Here for more info about Animal Faces Slippers]

Animal Faces Slippers - Cute Animal Slippers

4. Plush Monkey Print Baby Slippers
Cute and adorable smiley monkeys hang out at your baby’s feet. This product comes with organza gift bag, making it perfect for gift item. [Plush Monkey Print Baby Slippers]

Plush Monkey Print Baby Slippers - Cute Animal Slippers

5. Infant Girls Dora The Explorer Slippers
Yeah, we know, it’s not animal, but it’s just so cute we just can’t stop ourselves from listing it here. Your little girl loves Dora? Then these slippers are perfect for her. She won’t take them off all day long. [Infant Girls Dora The Explorer Slippers]

Nickelodeon Infant Girls Dora The Explorer Slippers

6. Bunnykins Baby Slippers
At last but not least, these bunny slippers are completed with long ears, very cute. The seller offers 2 different colors: black and white. It’s made of soft and durable woolfelt and cotton batting. The little ribbon acts as ankle strap to keep these slippers from slipping off. [ Click Here for info about Bunnykins Baby Slippers]

Bunnykins Baby Slippers - Cute Animal Slippers

You can also share your finding of where others can find cute animal slippers, we’d love to hearing from you.


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