Cheer for Me Potty Offers : Stress Free Potty Training Process

Toilet Training is easy if you know how, but with the help from Fisher-Price Cheer for Me Potty. Potty training should be fun, well any training should be fun, especially when dealing with children. This potty seat provides realistic toilet elements in good details and encouraging sounds to create fun and stress-free potty training. You’ll find a fully functional retractable toilet paper roll holder, flush handle that makes “click” sound when pressed and even the seat is completed with a lid that can be opened and closed just like a real toilet, basically this product is the miniature of the real thing. [Find out more about Cheer for Me Potty!]

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

When your toddler can use Cheer for Me Potty properly, he or she will be rewarded by happy songs and cheerful phrases, trust me, they’ll love it, you’ll see a big grin. In this way, your toddler will understand if they do it right, they’ll get rewarded. However if somehow in the process your children is frightened by the music, you can easily turn it off, the switch is located at the bottom of this unit. The size is perfect, in this way, your baby’s feet can touch the ground. The cute smiley face on the tank part adds adorable touch to this product.

For more convenience for you, the removable bowl has been designed with smooth surface that allows you to wipe it clean easily. You can also use the potty ring on an adult toilet (unpadded) to ensure smooth transition from this product to real toilet, this potty ring will also provide secure feeling for your toddler. Cheer for Me Potty has built-in 5 encouraging phrases and 2 sing-along training songs, both you and your baby will have fun in the process. Cheer for Me Potty from Fisher Price is a durable product that will last for years. [Find out more about Cheer for Me Potty!]

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

Fisher Price Cheer for Me Potty

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