Taga 2.0 Affordable Family Bike with Many Add-ons

Taga released its latest project, Taga 2.0, if you are a Taga owner from previous version, we can guarantee that you would love the second generation as well. Taga 2.0 offers you an affordable family bike with many features to ensure that you and your family enjoy optimum riding experience. This bike has been especially designed to address the needs of a modern family.

Nowadays, there are many family bikes that were designed to carry cargo, not children. Most of them are unstable, super expensive, don’t have many features, and unsafe. Keeping this in mind, Taga started from scratch to design the most comfortable, easy to ride, practical, and importantly safe family bike ever. You can support this project through Kickstarter.

Taga 2.0 Affordable Family Bike

Taga 2.0 Affordable Family Bike

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