Modern Gray Canvas Diaper Tote Bag from SKModell

This modern gray canvas tote bag is designed by SKModell, a Hungarian company. Each one is handmade using canvas as its main material, making this bag pretty light. Inside the bag is pretty spacious to keep your baby essentials, even when you don’t use it as a diaper bag, it’s still a great bag to hold your files, books, or…

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Bedding/Crib, Eco Friendly

The “Roll” Hanging Crib from Woodly

Woodly, an Italian company, presents you with “Roll”. It’s a unique suspended cradle that can swing and bounce, soothing your baby to sleep. It comes with a tripod “Happy Feet” that allows you to setup the cradle anywhere in the room or simply hang it onto the ceiling. The birch shell holds a padded nest in pure wool felt, providing…

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