Jonti-Craft Toddler See-Thru Sensory Table Is Perfect for Sensory Play

Water or sand, doesn’t matter, Jonti-Craft Toddler See-Thru Sensory Table can handle them all. It’s a nice acrylic tub with splash control for sensory play, yes, you can even fill it with combination of corn starch and water. Just in case you haven’t heard about sensory play, it’s actually an activity that stimulates your children’s senses from touch, smell, taste,…

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Traven Baskets Series Children Furniture Inspired by “Baskets in Series”

Traven Baskets Series is the result from Christian Vivanco collaboration with Nido Muebles. This project is actually made in honor to a short story “Baskets in series” wrote by Bruno Traven. It refers to the relationship between craft and industry of contemporary consumption. Nido Muebles is a company that develops appropriate environment for children at home, that’s why they understand…

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