Kid-O Bilibo Encourages Active and Creative Play

Kid-O Bilibo looks like a simple plastic toy, but with children imagination, it can be just about anything. The unique shape encourages active play, children can use it as a helmet, shovel, water basin or even a rocking chair, buy another one, we can bet your children can find a new way to play with them. Each Kid-O Bilibo is…

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Bath, Toys

Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub Is Love By Children and Parents

Turn bath time into great adventure with Alex Toys Pirates of The Tub. This toy has won Creative Child magazine Preferred Choice Award and iParenting Media award, so you know how much parents and children love this toy. Each set contains 38-piece pirate set, these foam pieces float and stick to the bathtub walls, your children can stick them on…

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Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish Cools Baby Food in Seconds

Serving your children hot food is a big no, you should use Mac and Cool Quick Cooling Dish to cool the food instantly without diluting it. Pretty nice isn’t it? You still can present food quickly to your impatient baby, especially when he or she temperature sensitive. Simply fill the dish and freeze it, so every time you want to…

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