Mega Bloks Play and Go Table Stimulates Your Childre Imagination and Teaches Children About Shape Recognition

Mega Bloks Play and Go Table is a bright bold and bountiful table with a 3-in-1 construction, a perfect toy for daycare and school fun. This fun toy serves as an exclusive building platform and as a practical storage container, which can be taken everywhere. As your child begins to build the whole town over a portable table, the probability of your kid developing his/her creativity is immense. [CLICK HERE to get further details about Mega Bloks Play and Go Table]

Mega Bloks Play and Go Table

Mega Bloks Play and Go Table

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“How to Train Your Dragon” Bedroom Decor Ideas

How to Train Your Dragon” bedroom decor seems like a popular idea amongst boys. Well, it is a great movie, if you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to do so, your kids will love it. Perhaps it is also one of the reasons why you search for this theme for your little boy bedroom decor, because he’s falling in love with the characters. The movie teaches your children the value of teamwork; it can bring greater results compared to competition or hostility. It sends the message of how girls can be as strong and fearless as men, and the most important message would be the love between parent and child is unconditional.

Let’s grant your children wish to decor the bedroom with “How to Train Your Dragon” theme. It’s not something hard to do; in fact there are already available bedroom accessories in most online or local stores which allow you to do this in a breeze.

1. How To Train Your Dragon Wall Decal
We found many dragon wall decals, unfortunately not one of them is officially coming from the movie. But we still think it can bring the dragon theme into your children’s bedroom. Take a look at Dragon Hunter wall decal from amazon, it has a castle, a dragon, warriors. You can checkout Etsy for custom made dragon theme wall decal. We saw this pretty cool Dragon and Princess wall decal. If you know or you are a painter, why don’t you paint the wall like this mother from roomzaar. She painted a beautiful How to train your dragon theme on her son’s bedroom wall.

RoomMates RMK1267SCS Dragon Hunter - How to Train Your Dragon Bedroom Decor

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How to Keep Pacifier in Baby’s Mouth? Try Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier!

I’m sure one of our readers has had the problem of keeping the pacifier in the baby’s mouth. If your baby won’t sleep without her or his pacifier, there’s a chance that you won’t sleep either, because you need to hold the pacifier close to the baby all night long. If this is what you’ve been doing, I suggest you to try WubbaNub Plush Toy Pacifier. You’ll be surprised to see what a combination of an adorable plush toy with a hospital grade pacifier can do. Each of these toys has been designed specifically to provide comfort for the baby. The bean-filled soft animal toy not only acts as great stimulation for little fingers but also as a positioning supports for the pacifier. [Click Here to get more details about Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier]

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Monkey

Wubbanub Plush Toy Pacifier - Cutsie Caterpillar
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Green Jasper’s Jungle Toy Collection from I Love My Planet Toys

I Love My Plant Toys have unveiled a new series of Jasper’s Jungle toy collection that is sure to green toddlers: Pop-Up Lion, Dangle Monkey, Poseable Neck Giraffe, and Pull Along Elephants. Jasper’s Jungle collection has been made out of innate rubber wood plus organic cotton fabric and is completely safe for kids and the environment. Each piece of toy has been designed cautiously to stimulate a kid’s senses and imagination. Perhaps, the wonderful vintage-meets-modern design permits these playthings to transition impeccably between kid’s preferred playthings vs. classic nursery decor. This intricate design not only serves as a perfect toy for children but it will be treasured for years to come.

The classic toy present in the box boasts a lion in a skillfully obscure wood burned design over the rubber wood box. It will surprise and delight your children as the king of the jungle pop up from the rubberwood box.

Jasper's Jungle Toy Collection Pop-up Lion
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Bored with Plain Stroller Design? Let’s Find Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Covers

Most parents want their children to stand out from the crowd, well every little boy and girl is unique right? We’ve seen many parents are having unique camouflage stroller covers when walking in the park, why settle for the plain stroller when you can have personalized one. Just in case you’re wondering where you can get those cute custom covers, we have done some quick browsing around, see what we have come up with.

We notice that Britax Chaperone stroller has adorable cute cow themed stroller, called Cowmooflage. The name itself already makes us smile.

Britax Chaperone Cowmooflage Stroller - Camouflage Stroller and Carseat Cover
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