Green Jasper’s Jungle Toy Collection from I Love My Planet Toys

I Love My Plant Toys have unveiled a new series of Jasper’s Jungle toy collection that is sure to green toddlers: Pop-Up Lion, Dangle Monkey, Poseable Neck Giraffe, and Pull Along Elephants. Jasper’s Jungle collection has been made out of innate rubber wood plus organic cotton fabric and is completely safe for kids and the environment. Each piece of toy…

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Artistic Imaginary Castle Wall Decal by Patrick Hruby

Your little prince or princess deserves their own castle. You can decor your child room with this beautiful Imaginary Castle wall decal by Patrick Hruby. Known for his awe-inspiring drawings, Patrick Hruby is a student of Art Center College of Design. His works has earned him superfluous recognition among many, especially New York Times Magazine as well as AMMO books.…

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Design and Concept, Feeding, Transportation

The Milk Truck : Mobile Breastfeeding Unit Promotes The Freedom of Feeding A Baby in Public Spots

Breastfeeding in public is becoming a big matter of problem these days. Recently, Forest Park, Georgia attempted to forbid breastfeeding in public for children older than 2 years. Be it a commandment in the making or a wicked eye from a spectator, breastfeeding moms always find it daunting to feed in public. In order to help moms overcome breastfeeding battles,…

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Target Recalled Circo Alamo Infant Girl Sandals

Target recalled the exclusive sandal for baby has received several reports of those decorative flowers getting detached from the sandals which might lead to choking hazard to toddlers. However, no injuries as such have been reported yet. The recalled infant sandals for girls are white in color with attractive plastic flowers attached onto the sides and the toes. These sandals…

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