Sparkling My Carry Potty Encrusted With Swarovksi Crystals

Can you ever imagine a potty being made of expensive Swarovski crystals? Here is it, a children’s toilet company has branched out into the high-end industry by creating the most pricy potty, worth £700. Amanda Jenner, the person behind this striking creation has named her product as, My Carry Potty, a sparkling version of her famous potty that allows kids…

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Learning and Education, Toys

Plan Toys Eco Town Deluxe Adventure Set Teaches Your Children About Traffic and Transportation

Regardless of the age, most people prefer using eco-friendly products or toys. Specially created for children is the new Eco Town comprising of an eco home, eco play mat, eco train station and charging station as well as eco street accessories. Kids can put in their imagination, logical thinking and creating planning skills to build their fun Eco Town in…

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Marin Hat 149 kr : Reversible Hat with Marine Motifs

The Marine Hat 149 kr is an excellent organic option for kids who love wearing hats. This hat is made out of 100 percent organic cotton, which offers the real comfort for kids. This is unlike other hats. It is reversible in nature, which means the hat can be used both ways, inwards and outwards and features marine motifs. The…

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Bedding/Crib, Travel

Luxury Bugaboo Missoni Baby Stroller for Modern Baby

The luxury stroller company, Bugaboo will release beautiful Missoni prints in July. While a bright block print embellishes the Bugaboo Cameleon sun cover, the vivacious zigzags beautifies the Bugaboo Bee sun canopy. Both the collection being completed with an entwined Missoni blanket features Missoni’ signature artistry and quality. The partnership between Missoni and Bugaboo led to the creation of such…

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Eco Friendly, Toys

This Wooden Tree House Toy Is Handcrafted From 100% Reclaimed Ash And Walnut Hardwoods

Toys, regardless of the shape or size, always influence kids. These days, wooden toys are gaining immense popularity. The all-new Wooden Tree House Toy has been handcrafted from 100 percent reformed ash plus walnut hardwoods. The heirloom-quality magnificent wooden tree house comprises of three levels, which is ample enough for dwarfs as well as fairies to settle in. The wood…

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Colorful Torpedo Scooter by Jerry Koza

Turn your child into the next Mario Andretti with the new torpedo scooter. Designed by Czech designer named Jerry Koza, this torpedo scooter could certainly send your mumunchkin soaring down the local hills. The scooter has been designed with bright and innate color schemes, which is enough to make this toy a favorite one among most others for sure. Get…

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