Beautiful and Interesting Bunny Chair for Your Kids

The Bunny Chair is an innovative furniture that has been deliberately designed for children from all respect. Your kids will love the bunny like shape of the chair and its excellent functionality when using it on the reading table or as a part of the kid’s dining table. The material is pure natural finished wood with different glossary colors to…

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Design and Concept, Toys

Poko Stride Vehicle Can Give Your Kids Sheer Fun

The Poko Stride Vehicle is an appealing, cutting edge stride toy that can be moved or driven through the movement of your kid’s hips and body. Moreover, it can be used as a movement tool for movement malfunction rehabilitant kids of 5-6 years old. This interesting toy helps stimulating motor skill and improves movement coordination of your child through perfect…

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Felt Cupcake and Muffin Bake Playing Set for Your Kids

The felt cupcake and muffin bake playing set is a great choice for starting your kid’s food collection with which they can bake and embellish their own cupcakes and muffins. Your kids will be busy for quite a few time preparing the muffins and cupcakes with the tools and then decorate them according to their choice. The set includes cupcake/muffin…

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The Perfect Feeder is great for Both Kids and Mommys

The Perfect Feeder is a separated feeding bowl with comfortable grip which is perfect as a simple two-compartment bowl, or a snap-on lid that features two grippers for holding baby food jar. The bottom of the bowl is slippery resistant that will allow it to remain securely on the table when feeding the kid. The bowl includes a spoon that…

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