Accessories, Travel

Home On the Go Pack for Your Traveling Baby

The Home on the Go pack is a stunning toy for your child, providing a lot of option for imagination and invites your kid for various types of adventurous activities. The pack contains 13 pieces of blocks with versatile shapes, gorgeous colors and lots of creativity, while offering the option of arranging them in 1300 different ways. It includes two…

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Bath, Toys

Scuba Diving Playset for a Perfect Bathtime

Make your kid’s bathtub a great playground with Scuba Diving Playset, a nice collection of playmates that can let your kids to experience the adventure of Caribbean diving. Let him think the figure character as himself, wear the scuba outfit, board on the boat and dive. The set includes an adventure guide too that can tell stories about sea adventures…

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A-Frame Doll House Lets Your Kid Imagine

The A-frame doll house with its easy access is a good leisure-time buddy for your kids that can give them a great playtime. This doll house features large windows, steeply sloped eaves and a lofted half-floor, providing enjoyable playtime for your kids. This user friendly facsimile is made form Valchromat, a durable wood fiberboard derived from cheap forest waste. The…

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Easy Dining for Your Kid with Minui Handy Sitt Chair Base

The Minui Handy Sitt Chair base is an ultimate solution that provides hassle-free dining time to your toddler with great portability. The handy chair base is made from durable birch certified by Forestry Stewarship and comprises a tray-less and ultra-compact design with only 5 pound weight. It can be strapped onto almost any size chair to allow your toddler instant…

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Let Your Kids Sip in Style with SIGG Drinking Bottle

The SIGG kid bottle will let your kids step up in quality and style from the traditional plastic sippy cups that are neither functional nor hygienic. SIGG bottles have been tested through several examinations to ensure 100-percent leaching safety. It is durable, nice looking and is suitable for all types of beverages like energy drinks, juices, plain water, and many…

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Feeding, Gadgets

Your Kids Will Love Klean Kid Kanteen Classic Sippy

Klean Kanteen Classic Sippy bottles can ensure a healthy environment for your kids by featuring a special adapter that is being used with Avent’s original sippy cup spout. The bottle is made from food-graded stainless steel and completely BPA free polypropylene. Since the inside is made of stainless steel, there was no need to use a coat of plastic or…

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